Our Bells

Here you will find details of the bells of Saint Mary the Virgin which were augmented to 13 during the summer of 2020
The bells are in but the project is not complete. 
Plan view of our new thirteen bell peal

The project has been supported by generous donations from the following bodies:

Bath and Wells Diocesan Association .
of Change Ringers

Our project delivery partners are:

Stephen Adams
SJB Adams and Son
Rhode Farm
Rhode Lane
Bridgwater TA5 2AD

         Margaret and Richard Lee.  
Tower Captain and Tower Tutor 2019
25 1/2"  4-2-20  A

Henry T. Dixon, Rector
        1921 – 23
Given by his Grandchildren 2019
26 1/2” 4-2-23  G

Dennis & Sylvia Winter 
Who for many years worshipped in this Church 2019
27”  4-3-11  F♯

Kate Bennett Bellringer
  Bridgwater T. C.   
Sedgemoor D.C. 2019
28 1/2”  5-1-19  E

Glory to God in the Highest. 
Cast T. Bayley 1745. 
Recast John Taylor & Co, Loughborough 1899
30"  6-0-11  D

And on earth peace, Goodwill toward men. T.B. 1745
31"  6-0-24  C♯

Bath & Wells D.A.C.R. 
I was cast by donations 
large and small 2020
32 1/2”  7-0-20  C

1650. N.C.
34 1/2"  8-1-1  B

W.P. G.P. Anno Domini 1617
37 3/4"  10-3-9  A

Sanctae Maria. Anno Domini 1634. Recast 1899. In the mayoralty of Thomas Good Esquire. Henry Bircham M.A. Vicar. H.C Salmon, Francis Brice, JP, F.J.C. Parsons JP, E.H. Hooper - Wardens
39 1/2"  11-0-25  G

From Lightning and Tempest Good Lord Deliver us.A.R. 1721
41 3/4"  12-0-27  F♯

Wm. Methwin, Wm. Bryant, Churchwardens. A.R 1721.
46 1/2"  15-3-24  E

Recast by subscriptions. Obtained 1867 John Taylor & Co. Founders. Loughborough, 1868. John B. Hammill, Mayor. I call the living, mourn the dead; I tell how days and years are fled; For Joy, for grief, for prayer and praise, My tuneful voice to heaven I raise.
53 3/4"  25-1-1  D

The bells and frame before augmentation