The Bells

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Here are the details of the bells of Saint Mary the Virgin

         Margaret and Richard Lee.  
Tower Captain and Tower Tutor 2019
25 1/2"  4cwt 3lb  A

Henry T. Dixon, Rector
        1921 – 23
Given by his Grandchildren 2019
26 1/2” 4cwt 3lb 21oz  G

Dennis & Sylvia Winter 
Who for many years worshipped in this Church 2019
27”  5cwt 7lb  F♯

Kate Bennett Bellringer
  Bridgwater T. C.   
Sedgemoor D.C. 2019
28 1/2”  5cwt 1qt 22lb  E

Glory to God in the Highest. 
Cast T. Bayley 1745. 
Recast John Taylor & Co, Loughborough 1899
30"  6cwt 12lbs  D

And on earth peace, Goodwill toward men. T.B. 1745
31"  6cwt 26lb  C♯

Bath & Wells D.A.C.R. 
I was cast by donations 
large and small 2020
32 1/2”  7cwt 1qt 18lb  C

1650. N.C.
34 1/2"  8cwt 1qt  B

W.P. G.P. Anno Domini 1617
37 3/4"  10cwt 3qt 7lb  A

Sanctae Maria. Anno Domini 1634. Recast 1899. In the mayoralty of Thomas Good Esquire. Henry Bircham M.A. Vicar. H.C Salmon, Francis Brice, JP, F.J.C. Parsons JP, E.H. Hooper - Wardens
39 1/2"  11cwt 24lb  G

From Lightning and Tempest Good Lord Deliver us.A.R. 1721
41 3/4"  12cwt 1qt  F♯

Wm. Methwin, Wm. Bryant, Churchwardens. A.R 1721.
46 1/2"  16cwt  E

Recast by subscriptions. Obtained 1867 John Taylor & Co. Founders. Loughborough, 1868. John B. Hammill, Mayor. I call the living, mourn the dead; I tell how days and years are fled; For Joy, for grief, for prayer and praise, My tuneful voice to heaven I raise.
53 3/4"  25cwt 1qt 11lb  D