Tower Captain Report 2015

Tower Captain Report 2013 – 15

'How did these Australian ladies come to visit us? Richard chatted them up'

Is it really two years since my last report? So what have we achieved? It may feel like very little but we certainly have kept the bells ringing.
In no particular order we have marked many national events, St George's Day, Our Queen's anniversary of longest reigning monarch, VE Day, Magna Carta, rang 349 changes at the start of the anniversary of the first World War this being the number of lives lost from Bridgwater,
Locally we rang for the institution of the Rev Trish Ollive, Bath and Wells Association of Change Ringers 125 years celebration attending the service and delicious lunch, with the Bishop, which followed, it is worth noting that many ringers commented how our tower came to support an association event, Georgina read at the Town Carol Service, Mayor Making, Light up a Life service, Weddings and the late Peter Cattermole's funeral.
We have taken part in our branch striking competitions and had two tower outings.
Richard has set up the Branch Training Centre here with the help of our Association providing the simulator and local ringers donating the lap top and speakers. The centre is used weekly for ITTS tied bell teaching sessions and have proved an assets for our tower.
Practice nights can only be described as busy attracting ringers from neighbouring towers, it is structured which seems to work with slots for learners and new methods to learn which in turn advances our ringing.
One member of the Church family commented to me that what ever the ringers do in seems to involve cake, well not to disappoint under the direction of Jane Cooke, we have provided teas at three Vintage Fayre's, held Coffee Mornings and provided the refreshments for the Deanery Synod when it was held in St Mary's and not forgetting celebrating Ben's 18th.
In April of this year we opened the Church for our second recruitment week where we had several people interested and the result is that Mikolaj Baj has joined our team and he is doing very well and is now ringing with us on Sunday mornings.
So what for the future? In September Rob, Richard and I went to the PCC meeting where we presented our vision for the bells after which we received permission to have the repairs done and augment to ten bells. So I have a couple of targets for you – ideas on how we are going to achieve this and to have 20 bellringers by 2020.

I would like to thank you all for your help, support and laughter over the past two years and I look forward in moving our ringing forward, it is a very exciting time for us in St Mary's. Together we can achieve anything.

Margaret Lee
November 2015