Tower Captain's Report 2017/18

Tower Captain’s Report 2017 /18

This has proved to be a year of highs and lows.
Our project is moving ‘slow but sure’ in the right direction; in July the PCC stopped us fundraising locally but still allowed us to continue with our craft table in the Church. November saw the crafty members have a table at the Glastonbury Frost Fayne, we were blessed with a dry cold day so many
visitors to the town. Jane made Christmas decorations which were a overnight success. In September Gina opened her house as part of Somerset Art week and raised a brilliant amount for our project.
In November the tower was open for Carnival Day, what a fun day that turned out to be, I lost count how many times we climbed the steps and to finish the day Kate, Richard and I had a celebratory supper in the Blake Fish bar.
We have rung for six weddings during the year and marked the wedding of Prince Harry to Megan Markle. St George’s Day saw us celebrate in the normal way and our picture can be found on the Ringing for England website for all to see.
On a very hot day in June we had a tower outing visiting five towers locally finishing at a pub for a evening meal.
In September we opened the tower for Heritage Day which was a success more visitors climbed the steps than in other years.
We have welcomed new ringers from the national campaign ‘Ringing Remembers’ and from our recruitment week.
So I am pleased to say we have more highs than lows this year.
This year Keith has decided to stand down as secretary, I would like to thank him for his hard work and support over the years, he will still stand as Deputy Tower Captain, Tower Correspondent and a valued member of the team.
Next year looks like an exciting time for us all in St Mary’s with new and old friends hopefully enjoying our new bells.
Together we can achieve anything.
Thank you all, I am very proud of you.

Tower Captain