Tower Captain Report 2015-17

When I look back to 2015 it seems a long time ago and you may ask what have we
achieved in this time? We have seen the launch of our appeal ‘and 5 makes 13’, more
about that later, the Church has been reordered and after returning in May of this year, we
have held a successful recruitment week and started the stand alone group from U3A. We
have also held a tester session for two pupils from Blake School, along with their teacher
an existing ringer from Brent Knoll.
While the Church was closed for the reordering we joined local towers for their practice
nights and to keep our spirits up we were known to meet for the odd pint, or two. In
October we marked Keith’s 80 th Birthday by throwing a party in his home, some of the
members rang in a quarter peal which was interesting ringing in semi darkness because
the electricity was off.
Our appeal got off on a brilliant start having 3 out of the 5 new bells been donated, we
have received grants from our Association, the Central Council of Bellringers, the Town
Council and Sedgemoor District Council. Our fundraising have seen us holding a Jazz
Supper, a Quiz, Car Boot Sale, Opening the tower and providing refreshments for the
Quayside Day, Heritage Day and a steady stream of sales from our Craft Table – I do
apologise if I have forgotten anything.
So as you can see we have achieved quite a lot.
I would like to thank you all for your help, support and laugher over the past two years and
I look forward to moving our ringing forward, it is a very exciting time for us in St Mary’s.
Together we can achieve anything.
Margaret Lee
Tower Captain
November 2017