Tower Captain Report 2005

It is not quite a year since I did my last report and in comparison this has been a quiet year.

During the year we rang for 13 weddings, and recorded the best hat count – ever, 60 in total. In addition to ringing on Sunday mornings, we rang for the anniversary of World War Two; Light up a Life service, the Town Carol Service and New Year’s Eve.

The ringers opened up the tower for Sommerfest, Carnival and the Autumn Fair.

In October, we rang a quarter peal to mark the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar. This was an achievement on three counts, firstly for Viv; it was her first quarter for many years and secondly for Richard and Keith being that they both jointly conducted a long with myself.

On the recruiting side this is looking at lot brighter with Dawn making good progress and she now is ringing for Sunday service and it will not be long before Rachel joins her. We have also two other learners, Ken and Andrea, who joined us just before Christmas but are now away on holiday and I hope that it is not be many more weeks before they also are able to ring on Sunday mornings.

On the social side, we had a very enjoyable Christmas meal at the Tudor and I would like to thank Richard for organizing it and for Hasu for the table extra’s.

The bell frame has now been painted and this year we hope to complete some of the outstanding works, which was highlighted in Andrew Nicholson report.

Over the past few months a lot of work has been done on getting the web site ready to be launched, which if everything goes to plan it will be on Easter Monday

So has you can see we are still going forward and I would like to thank Charles and you all for your support but Keith Lane needs a mention because even though he has been unable to join us in the tower his support has been much appreciated.

I look forward to other year of enjoyable ringing.